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In 2021, Governor Newsom launched the $600 million Regional Investment Initiative to create quality jobs and bolster California's resilience to climate and global challenges.

What is Catalyst Funding?

Thrive Inland SoCal received $14 million in Catalyst Funding,

$9 million of which goes to advance sector-specific pre-development projects from early and near-completion stages to "ready-to-go" status, facilitating access to various funding sources.

Funding Rounds

Round 1

June 24, 2024

3 Million

Round 2

August 19, 2024

3 Million

Round 3

 October 21, 2024

3 Million

Utilization of Funds

All funds must be expensed by September 2026

Application Stages

Stage 1:

Idea submissions are made online, requiring a brief narrative and checklist for self-evaluation against relevant criteria.

Stage 2:

Submissions are reviewed by an external organization and sorted into three funding lanes based on self-selection and external assessments, with reviewers deciding the final placement.

Funding Lanes:

Lane A:


(Up to $25k per project)

  • Early phase ideas


Lane B:


(Up to $250k per project)

  • Ready for investment, job creation started


Lane C:


(Up to $1 mil. per project)

  • Needs final funding to begin development

Evaluation & Approval


3rd Party Evaluation

  • Categorization based on stage, capital needs, funding sources, and strategy relevance


Review Committee

  • Composed of 3-5 volunteers per group.

  • Conflict-of-interest declaration required


Final Approval

  • Top projects go to Inclusive Planning Council

  • 2/3 majority needed for approval; Governance Committee handles appeals


Application for Funding

- Submitting a project proposal does not guarantee funding.
- Grant amount must be requested by applicant. 
- All proposals will be reviewed and scored by multiple reviewers.
- All grant funding must be expensed by September 2026.

For questions or for technical assistance email

Resources and Tools

Visit our resource and tools list to learn more about how to build an inclusive economy. There are data bases, reports, access to grants.

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